Hardline MP: Two Groups don’t want Ahmadinejad to finish his term


Controversial hardline parliamentarian, Ruhollah Hosseinian, has told Mehr News that two groups are trying their utmost to ensure that President Ahmadinejad’s government comes to an end before his second term officially ends. The two groups in question, according to Hosseinian are the “seditionists”, which is a broad reference for the Green Movement and its Reformist sympathisers, but also “those inside the regime who support the seditionists”, sometimes referred to as the “silent seditionists”, which are said to include Majles Speaker Ali Larijani and his Deputy, Mohammadreza Bahonar, two Principalist politicians who were reported to have congratulated opposition leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi for winning the 2009 presidential election. Other Conservative politicians who are deemed to not have condemned the uprising of 2009 with sufficient severity also fall into this category. He stressed that Ahmadinejad’s opponents endeavour to anger the president, so  as to provoke and “abuse” his main “weakness”, his “bad temper” and “stubbornness”, which is not expedient for the country.

Hosseinian also expressed his disagreement with the President being summoned before parliament to answer questions on his government’s role in the on-going economic crisis.

Other Domestic News

Judiciary Chief Sadeq Larijani, has said that he will soon reply to President Ahmadinejad’s letter in which the president said he has no need for the Judiciary’s permission if he decides to visit Evin prison. He also added that the “president doesn’t have a right to interfere in the other branches of government and does not have supervision over them”. The president’s publication of a ‘confidential’ letter to the president in which Larijani advised against the former’s request to visit Evil prison, was also pointedly criticized: “I don’t think it expedient to publicize this kind of [private] exchange of letters. The meeting of the heads of the branches of government is for the investigation and solution of these issues in which serious instances and subjects are presented. Pointing to the fundamental rights of the nation is not an excuse for making these issues public”.

Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi in what seems to be in reaction to President Ahmadinejad’s publication of Judiciary Chief Sadeq Larijani’s ‘confidential’ letter has stated that “creating tension in society is Islamically unlawful”.

Mostafa Pourmohammadi, Chief of the Inspectorate organisation has said that “it cannot be guaranteed that corruption will not occur again”. Pourmohammadi whose role has been that of investigating government corruption told Fars News close to the Revolutionary Guards, that “when supervision is weak, no one must be complacent. We must struggle until such an occurrence (the three thousand million rial embezzlement case) doesn’t happen again”.

Serat News re-posts an article from Mashreq News detailing how jeans became a “symbol of American culture”. The article attempts to answer a host of questions for its readers, including “what is the source of the names “jeans” and “Lee”? How many dollars is the most expensive pair of jeans? Is it the case that the less you wash jeans the better?”

Foreign Affairs

Serat News, close to the hardline Kayhan Institute, has claimed that Mitt Romney confirmed the views of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad regarding the United States’ decline in the course of the third presidential debate held earlier this week, citing his remark (translating from the Persian), “This snide remark [by Ahmadinejad] is true and for the performance of a leadership role in the world we need a strong economy”.

Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi met the head of Egypt’s Interests Section in Tehran, Khalid Emarah, and attempted to emphasize the potential for regional and international cooperation between the two countries which have had fraught relations since the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Despite Iranian officials’ expression of enthusiasm to re-establish diplomatic ties the new Egyptian government has proven cautious.

Hossein Sheikholeslam a diplomat and advisor to Majles Speaker, Ali Larijani, on international affairs has said that Iran is only prepared to talk to the United States regarding its exit from Afghanistan. Sheikholeslam made the comments on the sidelines of an international conference being held in Herat. These comments come after a number of Iranian officials, including Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi have denied rumours that the Islamic Republic has agreed to engage Washington directly over its controversial nuclear ambitions.

Hassan Ghashghavi, Deputy Minister for the Affairs of Iranians Abroad at the Foreign Ministry, has said that Iran is pursuing the matter of dispatching a consulate delegation to the United Kingdom, but that British reciprocation has not been forthcoming.

Image: From the newspaper Sobh-e emruz in the nineties, where in reaction to the case of Saeed Imami, a deputy minister of Intelligence, who was held responsible for the murder of several intellectuals, and friend of Ruhollah Hosseinian, the latter proclaimed “one time we ourselves were murderers”.