Intelligence Ministry Slams Alleged CIA Support for Opposition


The Reformist daily Etemaad has covered a report published by the Ministry of Intelligence which claims that “opposition to the regime will never be unified.” The report is titled “The attempt of the spy organizations of America for unifying the defeated anti-revolutionary elements in exile.”

Among the key claims are that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been taking a leading role in funding opposition conferences across Europe (e.g., London, Paris, Stockholm), but also Washington and is trying its utmost to obscure the arguments and differences which continue to divide the Iranian opposition outside the country.

The report claims one opposition conference held at the Hampton Hotel in Washington and titled “Transition to Democracy” was funded by the Saudi Arabian monarchy and alleges further that it was the brainchild of the Iran Desk at the CIA.

“In sum, with the existence of manifest differences it seems that a unity, even apparent, will never materialize between the opposition and in truth this miserable dream of the enemy’s intelligence services will not be realized.”

Kaleme, affiliated to the opposition Green Movement, reports  that opposition leader, Mehdi Karroubi, who has been under house arrest since February 2011, was yesterday taken to a hospital attached to the security services for “serious tests.” Karroubi’s health has deteriorated in recent weeks and he is reported to be suffering from loss of weight, lack of appetite, nausea and dizziness.

Etemaad reports that numerous Principalist politicians have been making the trip to the capital of Iran’s religious seminaries, Qom, in order to meet with the hard-line Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Mesbah Yazdi.

With the founding of the Endurance Front of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Mebah Yazdi and his followers have shown their desire to make their years of ideological and educational activities based in Qom a practical reality and expand their influence in the political realm.

Principalist politician Alireza Zakani and members of the Central Council of the Association of Followers of the Islamic Revolution, who supported Gholam Ali Haddad Adel for the speakership of the 9th Majles (of which Ali Larijani was the victor), met with Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi yesterday, and according to Etemaad several other high-profile politicians are waiting in line to meet with him, including presidential candidate Mohsen Rezaei,  Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, the Mayor of Tehran, and Mohammad Nabi Habibi, the Secretary General of the Islamic Coalition Party.

The front of eighteen Reformist parties and groups had an electoral meeting with General Secretary Mostafa Kavakebian and former President Mohammad Khatami. Khatami stated that he will make his final decision on whether he will run for the presidency in June 2013 in his own time. The Reformist front also met with former President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani earlier this month regarding the upcoming presidential election.

Foreign Affairs

The Commander of the Revolutionary Guards, Mohammad Ali Jafari, told the audience at a ceremony at which the documents of new homes built by the Reconstruction Basij in the earthquake-stricken areas of Eastern Azerbaijan, that the Revolutionary Guards “are exporting their experiences of the Basij to other countries and we hope we can export the religion of Islam to other countries.”

Also, the Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Major General Hassan Firuzabadi, told Basij forces this afternoon that “the practical obligation of the Guardianship of the Jurist [i.e., the theocratic principle which assures cleric political supremacy in the Islamic Republic] means, whatever he [i.e., Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei] says, we accept, even if we don’t have the power to understand it and if it is to our disadvantage”.

According to Mehr News, representatives of the Syrian government and opposition groups agreed at a meeting held on Monday in Tehran to found a joint committee for the promotion of national dialogue. The identities of the Syrian opposition members present at the meeting are not specified in the report.

Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian told the Islamic Republic News Agency on Monday that, ““The main task of the committee is to make preparations for holding the next national dialogue meeting in the city of Damascus, the capital of Syria.”

Iran’s embassy in Baku has rejected allegations by an Azeri MP of Tehran’s involvement in “terrorism” as “baseless,” according to Fars News, close to the Revolutionary Guards. The director of the Iranian embassy’s media office in Baku, Mohammad Ayatollahi responded by saying, “The noble people of Azerbaijan know well that Iran has been a victim of terrorism and many of its high-ranking officials and nuclear scientists have been a victim of terrorism in repeated cases. … Iran is ready to cooperate with friendly states, including Azerbaijan, in the confrontation against terrorism.”