General Prosecutor to File Charges Against US Officials for Terrorism


The website Iran-e Hastei, or Nuclear Iran, claims that Iran’s General Prosecutor has formed a committee to build a case to claim damages against 18 American individuals or authorities held to be responsible for alleged terrorism against Iran.

“The General Prosecutor for the entire country has ordered the formation of a special committee for the claim against some of these individuals [i.e., responsible for alleged terrorism against Iran] and building a case with the extant evidence. Now there is news that these individuals will very soon be tried in public court in Tehran.”

“The domestic laws of Iran give permission to the judiciary that individuals of non-Iranian nationality who have committed crimes against the Iranian nation somewhere other than Iran be tried.”

“Prior to this, Iran lodged a suit via Interpol against two American officials called Jack Keane, a former commander of American army ground forces and Reuel Marc Gerecht, an expert at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, because of their statements to members of Congress, based on the necessity of planning the assassination of Commanders of the Revolutionary Guards, such as Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani.”

The hard-line outlet, Mashreq News, has done a profile on Valerie Bowan Jarrett, a senior advisor to US President Barack Obama, who also as it happens was born to American parents in Shiraz, Iran. The article is entitled, “The Woman Who is Closer to Obama than Anyone.” It had been alleged earlier this year on the Israeli website Ynet that Jarrett had been leading secret bilateral talks with the Islamic Republic.

The article also has pictures of Jarrett’s father and states that, “James Bowman was amongst the first doctors of Namazi Hospital in Shiraz.”

The article goes on, “Valerie always recalls her memories of life in Iran as “very sweet memories.”

It also claims that “this women is so close to Obama that she can predict what Obama likes for dinner.”

“The media of America and Israel together and in the heat of the American elections claimed that the Shirazi advisor [i.e., Jarrett] of Obama has begun making new efforts for opening the gate of communication with the Iranians.”

“According to these reports Valerie Bowman Jarrett, the woman originally from Shiraz, was made responsible for establishing relations with Iran. Bowman Jarrett, who is amongst the preeminent lawyers of Chicago and became senior advisor to Obama and according to Washington and Tel Aviv’s media reports, is trying to establish contacts between the government of America and representatives of Iran.”

The article doesn’t directly or indirectly confirm these reports, but merely cites Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi’s denial of the existence of any parallel diplomatic track to that of the ongoing negotiations between Iran and the P5+1.

Interestingly, after recounting all this, the article goes on to speak at length about the life of Dr. James Bowden and almost fondly retells the story of his time as a doctor working in Shiraz.

Domestic News

Fars News reports an incident at a memorial ceremony for the late Ayatollah Anvari. While Hojjat al-Islam Hassan Khomeini, the grandson of the Islamic Republic’s founder, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, and Ayatollah Bojnurdi were leaving the ceremony, journalists asked Khomeini whether he would be running in the presidential election. Instead of giving Khomeini time to answer for himself, Bojnurdi answered in his stead, and stated “he will not be a candidate in the election.”

Head of Iran’s Assembly Experts, Ayatollah Mohammadreza Mahdavi-Kani, also in attendance at Ayatollah Anvari’s memorial ceremony, is also on record as stating, “the orders of the Leader regarding [the unity of the branches of government] must be made practical.”

In the course of a live interview on state television, Majles Speaker, Ali Larijani, said, “the 9th Majles is committed to obeying the leader and resistance in the path of the politics in their entirety as systematised by him [i.e., Supreme Leader Khamenei].”