Website identifies 7 Revolutionary Guard commanders among freed captives in Syria


The foreign-based Persian language site, Digarban, claims to have identified seven of the Iranians who were held captive in Syria as Revolutionary Guard commanders.

It is also claimed that 2,000 imprisoned Syrians who oppose Bashar al-Assad’s government were released in return.

“Abedin Khorram, the guard commander of Urumieh, and Mohammad Taqi Safari, the guard commander of Bushehr, are two members of the provincial [Revolutionary] Guards who accompanied the 46 other persons. Three days ago, they were freed and returned to Iran.

“Karim Hossein Khani, the previous representative of the Guardian Jurist [i.e. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei] in the Guards of Urumieh, is another freed member who returned from Syria in this group.

“The site of the Urumieh Guards and some other local sites on Friday, without pointing out the first names of these clerics and Guard commanders, gave news of their return to this city and participation in Friday Prayers.

“From Western Azerbaijan province, 14 people were from this group who Thursday evening entered Urumieh.

“Mohammad Taqi Safari, commander of the Guards of Bushehr, another one of the commanders of the Guards; news agencies announced he had returned to Bushehr  without reference to his position.

“The governor of Bushehr as the highest executive office in the province was present at the airport for the welcoming ceremony of this authority in the Guards.

“The local Jahrom News also announced the complete identity of the freed Guard, ‘Ali Javadian.’

“Mr. Javadian who is stated by Jahrom to be the chief medic of the 33rd ‘Al-Mahdi’ special brigade.

“ISNA and one local site also announced the identity of another three people, Adibi, Elahi and Hemmati, who are said to be members of the Revolutionary Guards.

“In some reports, Sadegh Adibi is stated by Jahrom as a commander and support for the 33 ‘Al-Mahdi’ special brigade.

“The same reports mention Mohammad Elahi and Amrollah Hemmati as the commander of intelligence operations of the ‘Al-Mahdi’ special forces and the deputy chief for human resources.

“From Fars province, seven individuals in this group were present. Information for the identity of another three individuals is not available.

“The authorities of the Islamic Republic have refrained from announcing the names of these 48 individuals, of which only some are retired [Revolutionary] Guards.”

In other news

Ali Larijani, the speaker of the Majles, has stated in the course of a one-day, provincial visit to Aran and Bidgel that, “the road to solving the economic problem is not solving international issues.”

Aftab News, close to former President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, reports the comments of deputy speaker of the Majles, Hojjat al-Islam Abutarabi Fard, who has claimed that close to 2 million Iranians are members of the social-networking site Facebook, “which is managed and controlled by the sworn enemies of the revolution.”

Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, the chairman of the Guardian Council, indirectly alluding to former president Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, has said in the course of his Friday prayer sermon, “the [most powerful] politically defeated tycoon” is desirous of a “free election.”

Jannati added, “[the idea of] free elections has become the key word and secret of rebellion.”

Hashemi Rafsanjani amongst others has issued statements to the effect of calling on the authorities to ensure that the electoral process is a fair and transparent one. This was most recently derided and criticized by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei in a speech earlier this week in Qom.