Ministry of Intelligence Documentary on the Capture of “CIA Spies” Aired on State TV


Numerous news sites, such as Bashgah-e khabarnegaran, Fars News and Farda News, have covered and reported a film put out my Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence which was broadcast on Iranian state television, depicting how alleged “CIA spies” were trapped by the Iranian intelligence services. The fact that the story has been virtually reproduced verbatim on numerous websites is indicative that it has most likely been circulated by the Ministry itself. The name of the documentary is entitled “The Hunter in the Trap”.

“The Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic in its most recent confrontation with the destabilizing actions of Western countries could trap a professional team of CIA spies. This security success last night was broadcast in the form of a documentary by the name of “The Hunter in the Trap” on Sima [i.e. state television]”.

Several foreign nationals are named in the documentary and one by the name of “Matej Valuch”, a Slovakian citizen, claims that he was hired by “Prisma” a front company used by the CIA for intelligence gathering inside Iran in 2009. His contact was a man by the name of “Steven Lugano”, who Valuck later found out was a “senior intelligence official of the CIA who had the intention of implementing a very widespread intelligence project inside Iran”.

The documentary also claims that other foreign nationals, including a South African, “Steven Raymond”, and an American, “Mark Antony Wendiar” were also CIA agents working undercover, and posing as researchers of “biological products”.

These two individuals it is alleged were charged with recognizing the “scientific elite of our country in the sphere biotechnology and placed their names in the control of the American spy services”.

Another individual said to be a national of a country in Central Asia, is also said to have been charged with collecting information vis-a-vis Iran’s nuclear programme on the CIA’s behalf.

The names of a number of other individuals are mentioned who it is claimed acted as CIA operatives inside Iran, one of Moroccan descent and another a Malaysian national.

The documentary features an extensive interview with “Matej Valuch” in which he ‘confesses’ to his contacts with CIA operatives and efforts to establish contacts with Iranian nuclear scientists. Valuck also speaks of alleged CIA operatives desire to assassinate Iranian nuclear scientists.

Finally he expresses regret if he placed any Iranians in danger as a result of his cooperation with the CIA.

In other news

Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, the head of the Revolutionary Guards, in a gathering of Basijis and Guards in Khuzestan province stated: “We are resolute with all the capacities for the accomplishments of the regime and revolution, like in the past we are watchful and we move forward in this path toward bright horizons”.

“The enemies of the Islamic Revolution are involved in a crisis and they imagine with the transfer of this crisis to other points they can control public opinion in their own nation”.

“Shabby, rundown and tested scenarios of the enemies in confrontation with the nation of Iran will only strengthen the pillars of the Islamic Revolution”.

“In the face of any kind of threat from the enemies, we have predicted severe reactions [in retaliation]”.

Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi, the former head of the Iranian judiciary, in the course of a meeting of the governing board of the Assembly of Experts and the specialised Commissions said, “the solution of the economic problems and livelihood of the people is the country’s priority, some are inattentive and don’t take the priorities into consideration”.

“The statements of the respected president and issues in the Majles and the circumstances of the future presidential election, must not deviate us from our original path. Someone who wants to come to the [political] arena in the future election and factions with premature electoral activism, must be careful that the basic issues of the country are not perverted”.

“Differences of opinion must be put forward in the particular framework so it doesn’t result in tension…the nation of Iran will always be present on the scene for its religion and defend its beliefs, in the same way that it did before, and it will do the same in the future”.