Mashreq News claims Mossad and “Jewish Mafia” assassinated JFK


The ultra-hardline Mashreq News has a piece on the American Mafia claiming that the image of the criminal organization as one comprising “Italian criminals” from Sicily is at least in part a Hollywood concoction and that “at the apogee of the years of Mafia groups’ activities, the biggest and most mysterious American gangster was a Jewish Zionist.” The article then goes on to provide a “portrait” of famous “mob accountant” Meyer Lansky and the “Jewish Mafia” and make numerous strange and unsubstantiated claims drawing on marginal and dubious anti-Semitic literature.

The article then continues by describing Lansky as a “great defender of the formation of the government of Israel.” It also claims Lansky “performed an important role in the establishment of the country of Israel” and that he “was the Godfather of the modern government of Israel.”

The article even goes as far as to claim that Israel and the Mafia had “the most to gain” from the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and that Israel’s relations with the Kennedy administration had been brought to a “dangerous dead end” over Israel’s “decision to produce a nuclear weapon” and that Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion left his post as prime minister over the impasse.

“Perhaps [Ben Gurion’s] last action as prime minister was to order Mossad to plan the assassination of John F. Kennedy.”

After making this allegation, the article states Lansky was also implicated in the conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy on the basis of a book by Michael Collins Piper, titled Final Judgement: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy.

An online search for the book in question shows it featured on a number of Aryan supremacist and anti-Semitic websites. The book was translated into Persian in 2008, and the article quotes Piper on a number of occasions from the Persian translation. At one point Piper is quoted as claiming, “Some rightly claim, if the Mafia killed John F. Kennedy, it couldn’t have done this without the prior knowledge and leadership of Meyer Lansky.”

Further research yields that Piper was invited to the infamous 2006 “Holocaust conference” at President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s invitation.

Finally the article describes Lansky’s return to Israel in 1970, and his eventual extradition back to the United States to stand trial, though states he was later exonerated as a result of his “magical influence.”

In other news

Hojjat al-Islam Abdol Ali Govahi, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s representative in the Tehran Revolutionary Guards, has claimed that the so-called “deviant current,” which refers to President Ahmadinejad’s inner circle, and sometimes even said to include the president himself, are intent to cause problems for the “regime” in Iran’s upcoming presidential election.

Govahi made his comments in a gathering of Tehran guilds and merchants and added, “We have a duty more than ever to make the people aware of this most dangerous current, so the country goes toward peace and tranquillity.”

Asr-e Iran covers  Barack Obama’s swearing in for his second term as president of the United States. It carries the headline quoting Obama as stating, “we will turn sworn enemies into friends” continuing: “An important point that Obama put forward in the field of foreign policy issues was an emphasis on peace, and that America wants to turn its sworn enemies into friends.

“Obama in the swearing in ceremony also referred to himself with his full name, Barack Hossein Obama, while the person overseeing the ceremony  referred to him as ‘Barack H. Obama.'”

Judiciary spokesman Hojjat al-Islam Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ezhei, in the course of a news conference has stated that “the allegations against Mehdi Hashemi [the son of former President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani] are security and financially [related]”.

The extended quote of Mohseni Ezhei stated, “A time has still not been determined  for Mehdi Hashemi’s case and I am excused from stating the details of his case, but the allegations against this individual are security and financially [related] and this case will be investigated in the Revolutionary Court.”

Serat News has an interview with Haddad, the female half of the youngest couple inside of Iran to have eight children. She married at age 14 years old is now 28.

Mowj News agency has reported that the price of iron has doubled compared with last year. The figure was confirmed by Mohammad Azad, the head of the Union for Iron Sellers, who told Mowj, “a year ago in the first week of the month of Bahman the price of iron beams and rebar was 900-950 tomans, but this amount has increased by twofold compared to the same period of the previous year to reach 1,900 tomans.”