Khamenei: Nuclear Issue Solvable if US Ends ‘Stubbornness’



In his speech to members of the judiciary yesterday, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei addressed Iran’s elections, the need to help president-elect Hassan Rouhani and Iran’s nuclear file with the West.

In regard to negotiations with the West, Khamenei said, “Several countries have formed an opposition front to Iran and they lie to the international community. Through stubbornness they want to solve the nuclear issue. But if they put aside their stubbornness, solving the nuclear issue is simple and easy.”

Khamenei continued, “Many times, the nuclear issue had progressed to the point of being solved, but the Americans brought in a new excuse.”

In regard to the International Atomic Energy Agency, Khamenei said, “The agency has acknowledged that the problems it has had with Iran’s nuclear program have been resolved; therefore, Iran’s nuclear case should be closed. But the Americans immediately introduced a new issue, because they know the nuclear issue to be a good point to threaten and apply pressure to Iran.”

Khamenei said, “The Islamic Republic has operated legally and transparently in regard to the nuclear issue. And we have a strong rationale for it. But the goal of the enemy is the continuation of pressure, to wear out the nation and regime change. Therefore, they will not let the issue be resolved.” He continued, “Of course, the enemy in private conversations and letters say that they don’t want regime change, but the way they act is contrary to what they say.”

“For them,” Khamenei said in reference to Iran’s enemies, “the nuclear case, human rights, democracy or anything else don’t matter to them. They want to stop the progress of the nation and are after a renewed domination of our dear Iran. But the Islamic Republic, with power and independence, with reliance on the people and trust in God, will stand and defend the interests of Iran.”

FM Spokesman Denies Reports About New Negotiating Team

Yesterday, in a joint press conference with Tajikistan’s foreign minister, Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said, “In the last few days the president-elect has determined a group to review the discussion with P5+1 [five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany] and some of our friends from the foreign ministry were present.”

Salehi continued, “Mr. Rouhani has to decide when he is ready to meet with the P5+1. In either case, we are in a transition phase, and certainly it is not easy to conduct meetings in this phase. We have to wait two or three weeks, but no decision has been made as to when or where this meeting will take place.”

Today, Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman, Abbas Aragchi, denied those reports. He said, “What was said by the foreign minister yesterday about the formation of a new nuclear negotiating team was deduced, incorrect and misinterpreted.”

Aragchi elaborated, “New groups have been formed in various fields such as security, economics, and society so that the process of transferring responsibilities and duties for the future administration is accelerated.”