Three Rouhani Cabinet Nominees Rejected


Three of Hassan Rouhani’s cabinet nominees failed to receive a vote of confidence from Iran’s parliament today.

Mohammad Ali Najafi, nominated for education minister, was regularly attacked for his position on the 2009 election protests and for being a senior adviser to Mehdi Karroubi, the Reformist candidate who is currently under house arrest for contesting the results of the 2009 elections.

Jaffar Milimonfared, who was nominated to be science minister, also did not receive the necessary votes. The science minister is a sensitive position within Iran because it is in charge of the universities, typically a hot spot where many youth and protest movements begin. Milimonfared was considered to be close to Reformists and sympathetic to student protests when he was in charge at Amirkabir University of Technology.

The third rejected candidate was Massoud Soltanifar for sports minister. In order for a nominee to be approved, he needs to receive at least half plus one of the 290 total votes.