Khamenei: US Interference in Syria Will Be Disaster For Region


untitled Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei expressed his views for the first time on Syria since accusations of chemical weapons led to the possibility of military strikes by the West on Syria. President Hassan Rouhani also warned of another war in the region and parliament speaker Ali Larijani addressed the possibility of an attack on Syria on the parliament floor today, issuing perhaps the harshest and most direct warning to Israel and countries supporting the military strike. In his first meeting with President Rouhani’s cabinet, Khamenei spoke briefly on the probability of a US attack on Syria. According to the website of the supreme leader, Khamenei “called the developments in Syria, the threats and the likely of interference by America a disaster for the region and emphasized that if such an action takes place, just like Iraq and Afghanistan, it will be to their loss.” Khamenei added, “The interference of foreign powers outside the region in a country will not result in anything except act as an incendiary and increase the hatred toward them from the people.” He continued, “This incendiary is like a spark at a gunpowder storage, whose dimensions and implications will not be clear.” According to the president’s website, Rouhani said today, “The people of the Middle East are not prepared to accept a new war and any kind of adventurism will be followed by irreparable dangers for the stability of the region and the world and will only spread extremism and terrorism in the region.” Rouhani urged the UN to conduct “impartial” research on the use of chemical weapons in Syria and “investigate” the “history of transfer of chemical materials to takfiri groups from outside Syria.” Rouhani, citing Iran as a victim of gas attacks during the Iran-Iraq War, had previously said, “The Islamic Republic gives notice to the international community to use all its might to prevent the use of these weapons anywhere in the world, especially in Syria.” Larijani also spoke today about Syria and the use of chemical weapons. He said that some “with a childish imagination” believed that Syria’s government would fall “within weeks” at the beginning of the conflict. However, the “naiveté of the West, Zionists and reactionaries in the region in that regard forced them to give chemical weapons to the terrorists in a diabolical deception.” Iranian authorities typically refer to Syria’s armed opposition as “terrorists.” Larijani continued, “Some months ago, we became aware of some shipments of chemical weapons into Syria from the borders of a country in the region.” Furthermore, Larijani believes there a “conspiracy” that allows Syria to use chemical weapons in the presence of United Nations officials. He added, “The investigation of UN officials is not yet finished, and war bells are sounding and the US and England, without authorization from the United Nations, with the cooperation of some countries in the region and the Zionist regime, are leading military actions against Syria.” “Say that you bomb Syria.” Larijani said. “A country that has been damaged so much at the hands of terrorists will not be impacted as much as others … that oppose Syria.” He added, “If international laws are ignored by the West and some countries in the region in this adventurism that is to the benefit of the Zionist regime, what reason is there for Syria to believe [in those laws]?” Larijani added that Iran’s parliament “warns America and the West that it is possible that with the help of some of the countries in the region, who all have their own specific goals in seeking power, you will begin operations against Syria, but it will not be you who will end this. By the way, you have to be concerned for your illegitimate Zionist child in the region, and most certainly in the future you will witness against yourself the result of your tactical encounter with terrorists.” Larijani also warned that if Israel “has a desire for sedition, they will have presented themselves with a fate more agonizing than the 33-day war.”