Revolutionary Guard: Syria Will Be ‘Second Vietnam’ for US



Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jaffari, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, spoke yesterday about the threat of an American military attack on Syria in response to accusations that Syrian forces used chemical weapons in a Damascus suburb.

In an article published in Tasnim, Jaffari was quoted as saying, “The American government and some of its allies in recent years, by extensive support and equipping terrorists with all kinds of arms, were pursuing a strike against the line of resistance in the region.” Iranian authorities refer to Syria’s armed opposition as “terrorists” and include themselves, Syria and Hezbollah in an axis of resistance against American and Israeli hegemony in the region.

Jaffari, who assesses that most of Syria’s armed opposition is in retreat, continued, “Now it appears that the disgraced failure of a proxy war by the terrorists against the resistant people of Syria has become a direct military threat.” He added, “America, despite the extremely bitter experiences of Afghanistan and Iraq, in the face of military action against Syria, has completed its domino of failures and will experience in its history its most disgraceful failure, and Syria will become a massacre and battlefield much more dangerous than Vietnam and in reality, will become a second Vietnam for America.”

“The Zionists should know” said Jaffari, “that an American military strike against Syria will not only not free this fake regime from the grip of resistance, but a strike against Syria will mean the imminent destruction of Israel.” According to the Tasnim article, this was said in reference to his statement that “It appears once again that under the influence of the Zionist lobby, that the American government is threatening a military strike.”

In regard to the threat of military strikes in response to accusations that President Bashar al-Assad’s forces used chemical weapons in Ghouta, Jaffari drew a comparison to accusations that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction before the invasion of the country in 2003.

“The people of the world, especially Muslims of the region, have not forgotten the lying excuse of the Americans for an attack against Iraq,” Jaffari said. “America attacked Iraq with claims that the country possessed weapons of mass destruction, and after years of a military presence and a massacre of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians, stated that they made a mistake in their intelligence assessment.”

Jaffari continued, “Some countries in the region and reactionary Arab regimes that support a military attack against Syria should also know that the fire of this warmongering will not be limited only to Syria but will [entangle] all the warmongers and their supporters.” Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey have been the Syrian opposition’s  three staunchest supporters.

Maj. Gen. Hassan Firouzabadi, chief of staff of Iran’s armed forces, also warned that this attack will be to the benefit of Israel and will not remain within the borders of Syria.

“Any new operation in the region has always been followed by damages and has had no other outcome except gratification for the Zionists,” Firouzabadi said. “These have caused huge damages to humanity … They will not be limited to Islamic societies.”

Yesterday, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei warned that American interference will be a “disaster” for the region and would act as an “incendiary at a gunpowder storage.” President Hassan Rouhani, who has walked the softest line among Iranian officials, warned against any “adventurism” in the region and urged United Nations inspectors to complete their work in regard to the site of the alleged chemical weapons attack.