Iran disputes White House ‘fact sheet’ on nuclear agreement


Marzieh Afkham, spokesperson for Iran’s Foreign Ministry, has disputed what was published on the White House website outlining the specifics of the nuclear deal between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany (P5+1).

Many Iranian websites had translated and published the contents of the agreement from the White House “fact sheet.” According to Afkham, however, “Three rounds of condensed negotiations between the Islamic Republic of Iran with the P5+1 countries [comprised] of hours of technical negotiations and ultimately a “joint action plan” between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the P5+1 group was issued.”

Afkham continued, “The four-page text of the joint action plan was the result of an agreement of the Geneva negotiations, and all of the words and text were regulated in consideration of all the sides, and one of the reasons of the negotiations becoming long was the focus on choosing the interpolation of the words in the text of the joint action plan, specifically from the side of the Iranian delegation.”

She said, “What was published at the White House website under the title ‘fact sheet’ was a one-sided understanding of the Geneva agreement” and “Some of the explanations and words in this fact sheet are inconsistent with the joint action plan.”

Afkham did not go into the specifics of what aspects of the document were inconsistent with Iran’s understanding of the agreement. In the Iranian media, there seems to be confusion over Iran’s right to enrichment. Iran’s foreign minister and top nuclear negotiator Mohammad Javad Zarif said that Iran’s right to enrich had been officially recognized. However, US Secretary of State John Kerry told ABC’s “This Week,” that “We do not recognized the right to enrich,” and British Foreign Secretary William Hague told the BBC that the phrase “right to enrich” is “not in the document.”

Ansar-e Hezbollah published an open letter to the head of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, Ezatollah Zarghami, asking him to release the contents of the agreement on Iranian television both for public awareness and to clear the “contradictions” in the statements from Western and Iranian officials.

“The recent agreement between the government and P5+1 is part of the important events in Islamic Republic history,” read the letter. “Many people, due to lack of access to the Internet, do not have complete information of the complete contents of the agreement and the contents expressed.” The letter continued, “In consideration of the contradictions in the statements between Western officials and some officials in our country, it is necessary to make transparent the real contents of the agreement.”