Ahmadinejad’s formula for electoral success: an army of the unemployed?


The Conservative site, Baztab-e emruz, which is known for being critical of the Ahmadinejad government has posted an article entitled, “What will Ahmadinejad’s electoral troops do?”

“With the revelation of orders by the government council for the employment of 12,000 people in the Organization for Taxation Affairs without [specified] qualifications, 1,500 individuals in the Executive Office of the President and 120,000 by governors across the country, one of Ahmadinejad’s plans for the future election has been uncovered”.

“The employment of 120,000 people without qualifications, means the establishment of 4000 troops in every province in the country, counting the tens of thousands in Tehran and special organizations, which mean the positioning of Ahmadinejad’s electoral troops”.

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