Adviser to Supreme Leader: We will never back down from our rights


Former Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Velayati, in an interview with Bashgah-e khabarnegaran, referring to Iran’s position in negotiations with the P5+1 stated, “The positions of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding the nuclear negotiations were completely clear and precise and these positions were consonant with international law and within the accepted global criteria and framework.”

He added, “Our opposing side in the negotiations are the permanent countries of the UN Security Council and Germany; up to now, they have not accepted that the very minimum of Iran’s rights be observed and in the negotiations with Iran have put forward demands extraneous to the international regulations and that which Iran has accepted in the form of the Non-Proliferation Treaty.”

Velayati, who is also chairman of the Global Assembly for Islamic Awakening, continued, “If we look behind the scenes of the negotiations between Iran and the P5+1, we see that perhaps some of the countries have a different position, but nonetheless the positions of America and its allies and subjects, in relation to the nuclear issue of Iran, they were alike and they say Iran must not benefit from peaceful nuclear technology.”

“During almost the last 10 years we imagined that after this question and answer the problems will be solved, but at every point we witness the P5+1 putting forward new issues … The spread of doubts, negative questions, and accusing Iran and exacerbating negative propaganda against Iran from Western and European governments doesn’t end, but Iran has never abandoned negotiations with the P5+1 or any other institution which has legal authority.”

Finally Velayati concluded, “we hope that the teams negotiating with Iran understand that we will never back down from our interests in preserving the nuclear rights.”

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