Fars News: Will US Have To ‘Confront Salafis In Its Own Streets?’


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Iranian media has given the Boston bombing and the subsequent manhunt extensive coverage. Most media outlets confined themselves to reprinting the photos of the events with straight reporting. Some other sites and Tehran Friday prayer believed there were larger lessons to be gleaned from this event.

In response to the manhunt in Boston for the marathon bombers Fars News Agency ran with the headline, “Will America Now Have to Confront Salafis in Its Own Streets?” Ali Reza Karimi wrote, in a long article covering several decades of US foreign policy, “Jihadi Salafism, which is a type of Salafism, has not only entangled itself with the people of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, and Iraq, but that virus that the United States nourished in the region now has inflicted America.” He used the analysis of a Stratfor article about the Boston bombers which said, “The jihadist threat now predominantly stems from grassroots operatives who live in the West rather than teams of highly trained operatives sent to the United States from overseas.” Continue reading

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Warns About MEK, Condemns Boston Marathon Bombing


Ramin Mehmanparast, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, said that the bombing that took place at the Boston marathon was “event that affects everyone.” He said that “I believe that all governments should work to establish peace and security for all people of the world. The roots of these extremist and terrorist acts must be dried, and by no means should any type of violence be justified.”

Mehmanparast also appears to have taken a swipe at US support for the Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MEK, sometimes referred to as MKO), which recently opened a lobbying office in Washington, DC, after being taken off the State Department’s terrorist list by former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Various former government officials have put their support behind the MEK, which supports confronting Iran under stricter terms.

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