IRGC Commander: Downing drones was “serious demand” of Supreme Leader


Brigadier Amir Ali Hajji Zadeh, Commander of the Revolutionary Guard’s aerial forces has said that the downing of American drones was the “serious demand” of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Hajji Zadeh added that Ayatollah Khamenei, “emphasised that the drones are not seen, but they collect information and thus striking and downing them was part of the serious demands of the Supreme Leader from the commanders”.

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Iran Protests US Drones, Conservative site warns of Greater Kurdistan

Fars News does a profile on the US Scan Eagle drone, which the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps naval forces claim to have intercepted in the east of the country. It also provides video of the drone under a banner quoting the revolutionary state’s founder, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, proclaiming “We will trample upon the US.”

Fars continues:

“This is the umpteenth time that American drones have entered the Islamic Republic of Iran’s borders to gather information, and every time they are confronted with the armed forces of our country.”

Furthermore, “a while ago the Islamic Republic of Iran sent an official letter to the United Nations, while condemning American drone violations of our country’s skies, and asked that these actions [by the US] be prevented.”

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Ahmadinejad’s one-time ardent supporter bids farewell to politics

Fatemeh Rajabi, one of President Ahmadinejad most ardent defenders in the Iranian media, has announced that she is bidding farewell to politics. Rajabi is also the wife of Gholamhossein Elham, another tenacious supporter of the president, who acted as government spokesman during Ahmadinejad’s first term.

Azim Mahmoudabadi’s article for the Reformist daily Etemaad, points out that Rajabi is most famous for her book “The Miracle of the Third Millennium , the “miracle” in question was none other than Ahmadinejad himself. She penned the book after the Ahmadinejad’s unanticipated election victory in 2005.

However, since the beginning of Ahmadinejad’s second term and in particular since the president’s public falling out with the Supreme Leader, Rajabi has taken a back seat, where previously she had gone so far as to attribute Ahmadinejad’s management of the country to the 12th Imam of Shi’ite Islam, who Twelver Shi’is believe currently resides in Occultation, and will one day return to save humanity.

Mahmoudabadi writes scathingly: “Silence is not justifiable or logical from any point of view. Why if the praise, compliments, and acclaim were correct, even though now the life of the Ahmadinejad government is nearing its end, the very least expectation of yesterday’s backers of Ahmadinejad is that in these circumstances they don’t leave their “Third Miracle of the Millennium” alone. [Furthermore], that they bravely defend their statements expressing the righteousness of the president and his close circle – of course not from the Reformists, but from the side of the Principalists.”

“In the event that [Rajabi] after seven years has understood her mistakes regarding an individual [i.e. Ahmadinejad], again, the least expected is that she openly accepts her mistakes and in a logical way expresses regret over those mistakes and shows contrition.”

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