Iran’s Quds Force: We Will Support Syria to the End


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The head of Iran’s Quds Force, which is in charge of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp’s operations outside of Iran’s borders, reportedly spoke yesterday about Syria at a meeting of the Assembly of Experts.

According to an assembly member who was present at the meeting, Major General Ghassem Soleimani said that “Some criticize why we support Syria so much. To them, we have to answer that we do not pay attention to the propaganda of the enemy, because Syria is the frontline of resistance and this reality is undeniable. We have a duty to defend Muslims because they are under pressure and oppression.”

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Jalili Says ‘Rights’ of Western Women Must Be Defended


Iranian presidential candidate and apparent frontrunner Saeed Jalili gave a speech on Wednesday at a women’s conference in which he discussed his views on women’s role in society.

In differentiating between the Western and Islamic societies, Jalili said that “The base is with the family. And [in] the meetings and seminars conducted with the supreme leader, what shapes a society is not the individual, but the family.” He continued, “The differing views bring about different effects. Western thought says that an individual’s capacity in society must viewed from a cost-benefit approach because women are half of the population and half of the work force cannot be ignored, and they must be used to move the economy; they’ve even passed laws based on this thought. The structure of their society has taken shape based on this view.”

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