Is Mashaei’s presidential campaign targeting social-networking sites?

Javan Online says that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s former chief of staff, Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei, has begun his presidential campaign. Javan Online, which is close to the Revolutionary Guards, has made the claim on the basis of an online Facebook campaign in support of Mashaei called “The Campaign to invite Engineer Mashaei for the presidential election.” This page as well as several others in support of the president’s controversial ally have been taken as proof that the latter’s presidential campaign is under way.

“These pages can point to the patrons of Engineer Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei in the presidential election of 2013, and the school Mashaeism, Mashaists, etc., …”

“Things being heard indicate that the electoral team of Mashaei have the aim of entering the propaganda arena of the 2013 presidential election by concentrating on social networks and for realising this goal they have begun their programme with online social networks like Facebook.”

It neglects to mention the fact that just over 260 people have liked the main page in question thus far.

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Ahmadinejad’s critics focus in on economic mismanagement

Khamenei says Iran will never capitulate

Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, met with one thousand of Iran’s best and brightest young people, stating “the nation of Iran has nowhere capitulated under pressure and never will and this is the same reason for the enemy’s anger”. He added,“the nation of Iran by relying on its natural wealth and the human talent in its control, will cross onerous gorges and difficult passes and will achieve divine grace, the pinnacle of salvation in this world and the next, and peace and tranquillity”.

Perhaps most interesting were Khamenei’s comments pertaining to scientific progress, when read in the context of Iran’s on-going pursuit of uranium enrichment, despite unprecedented Western sanctions:

“Of course one worry too exists and that is with the rapid scientific progress in the country, a condition of satisfaction and contentment is created while we are at the beginning of the road and this rapid scientific progress must not be slowed or stopped.”

Khamenei added, stressing the past negligence of Iranian leaders as the reason for the country’ scientific “backwardness”, “the scientific gap [between us] and the world and relatively strong competitors in the region is a reality that doubles the necessity for the establishment of rapid scientific movement until a point is reached commensurate with the status and standing of the nation of Iran”.

Moreover, “The Islamic Republic of Iran over the last 33 years has been confronted with a range of general pressures, from political, security, military, economic, and sanctions, but the nation of Iran through its resistance, has not only neutralized these pressures, but perhaps also become stronger”.

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