Was Ahmadinejad Media Advisor Behind Anti-US Billboards?



Former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s media advisor, Mohammad Ali Ramin, has been credited with the idea of Ahmadinejad raising the issues of Holocaust denial and that Israel must vanish from the pages of history. In a recent interview he responded to rumors that the anti-American billboards in Tehran were his idea and his beliefs that opposing talks is the best strategy in negotiations and that the United States would soon break apart into several independent countries.

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Revolutionary Guards issue statement against those posing a threat to regime unity

The Revolutionary Guards have issued a statement for the anniversary of the Iranian Revolution warning that “any action which destroys unity is deserving of decisive rebuttal”.

“The spirituality and guidance of the Supreme Leader in various areas, in particular in the field of the preservation of national unity and the interests of the regime and the revolution, are recognized by the Revolutionary Guards as the “clarifying explanation” for all. Without doubt any kind of action which destroys unity and prepares the basis for deviant movements and controversy in the media of the enemy is playing a role in the plans of the enemy”.

It is of course important to read this statement against the recent backdrop of the all out and very public war of words which has been unfolding and ongoing between President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Majles Speaker Ali Larijani, who was pelted with shoes and prayer stones in one of Iran’s most holy shrines by Ahmadinejad supporters on Sunday. A series of videos have also been leaked in recent weeks, which appear to implicate the allies of the two men in financial corruption and political horse-trading.

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