IRGC commander: If we had killed Rushdie, insults against the Prophet wouldn’t have taken place


Cmdr. Ahmad Zolghadr, the deputy head of the Tehran Revolutionary Guards, has said in a speech in Mashhad: “If we had acted on the fatwa of the late imam [Khomeini] and had killed Salam Rushdie, insult against the Prophet of Islam would not take place.”

[Apparently, he meant that subsequent perceived insults including films and cartoons, including the infamous Danish cartoon that led to violence, wouldn’t have been produced.}

The British-Indian writer, Salman Rushdie, famously penned a novel by the name of The Satanic Verses, in reaction to which Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the then Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, issued a fatwa in February 1989, shortly before his death, urging Muslims to execute the writer on charges of apostasy, stating that his murder was Islamically lawful or halal.

Even after Rushdie recanted and claimed he had returned to the fold of Islam, Khomeini refused to lift the order.

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Supreme Leader Denies Iran’s Culpability for Syrian Bloodshed

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei told participants at an event titled “Professors of the Universities of the Islamic World and the Islamic Awakening” that, “We don’t agree with a human being’s nose being bloodied and it pains us, [but] that person who has dragged Syria into civil war and fratricide is culpable.”

Khamenei added, “In the case of Bahrain, we are faced with the silence of the Islamic world.”

Deputy Foreign Minister for Consulate Affairs Hassan Ghashghavi has denied that Iran’s consulate in Herat, Afghanistan, has been closed. The consulate had been attacked by some 200 Afghan citizens as a result of the alleged killing of 13 Afghan nationals by Iranian security forces while they were attempting to cross the border into Iran.

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Bahonar declares likelihood of Nateq-Nouri’s candidacy

On the Domestic Front Deputy Speaker, Mohammadreza Bahonar, has claimed it likely that former Majles Speaker and former presidential candidate Ali Akbar Nateq-Nouri, will run for the presidency in 2013. Bahonar also greeted the prospect of Tehran Mayor, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, running. Nateq-Nouri has long been targeted by President Ahmadinejad and his allies. Most recently, Nateq-Nouri delivered a speech in Mashhad during the month of Ramadan, which was overrun by plainclothes partisans of hardline IRGC ideologue Saeed Qassemi, an act which has been criticized by prominent Conservative establishment figures. Continue reading