Head of Majles Foreign Policy Commission: America has been defeated in Syria


Alaeddin Boroujerdi, the head of the Majles’ Commission for Foreign Policy and National Security, in conversation with Khane-ye mellat, the Majles’ new agency, has said: “The changes in Syria are one of the most important links in the chain of repeated defeats of America in the region.”

“With view to the fact that America is warmongering in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza, Syria was one very important link [in the chain]for the West, in particular America.”

“On the other hand, while America has not directly entered into the Syria debate, everyone knows that this country can use the resources of its European and regional allies, the billions of Saudi Arabia and Qatar and the resources of Turkey for changing the political structure of Syria. But in practice, after the passing of approximately two years since these events [began], today it can be said that America has been defeated in Syria.”

“Fortunately Bashar al-Assad as the legal president of Syria could with divine backing and the unceasing support of the countries of the resistance, especially the Islamic Republic of Iran and also countries such as Russia and China as the two permanent members of the Security Council, have defeated this American-Western front.”

Touting the “current successes of the Syrian army against the armed opposition,” Boroujerdi stated: “Today this issue has led to the approach of many countries, who previously believed in the overthrow of the political regime in Syria by military means, to change to political methods and negotiation, and this change of approach shows the defeat of American plans for changing the structure of the political regime in Syria.”

“With respect to the experience Lakhdar Brahimi enjoys [from his mediating role] in the crises in Afghanistan and Iraq, in the Syrian crisis, despite all the pressure from countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, he has tried to act in a moderate fashion. The appropriate positions of Ebrahimi are clearly seen in the reports of the United Nations.”

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