Revolutionary Guards on Sanctions and Islamophobia


The IRGC affiliated weekly Sobh-e Sadeq carries an article which addresses the issue of sanctions during the Iran-Iraq war. The op-ed begins, “The new intensification of sanctions which in fact is an economic war, has similarities with the eight year “sacred defence” [the official term used to refer to the 8 year conflict with Iraq]. The enemies’ goals and cowardly methods are identifiable in any period and in our confrontation with them it is possible to benefit from those valuable experiences. In the same way the Islamic Republic resisted in the face of a war on all sides while under sanctions, and which increased inequalities, it is today able to face the enemy and neutralize the economic war through reliance on the “resistance economy” [Supreme Leader Khamenei has called on the government and country to forge a “resistance economy” in the face of Western-led sanctions].

The article then goes on to enumerate the factors which allowed Iran to fight against the Ba’athist regime of Saddam Hussein while also under the pressure of sanctions. These included nimble and brave commanders and managers, the use of native excellence, the domestic production of armaments, including missiles and mortars, trust in “insider forces”, the circumvention of sanctions, and “wariness of the influence of traitors”.

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