Revolutionary Guards’ Chief dismisses prospect of military attack


Revolutionary Guards Chief, Mohammad Ali Jafari, has stated in a meeting with a reported 20,000 members of the Alborz Basij that “a military attack against Iran isn’t underway”, calling such threats “hollow” and “empty”. He added, “When the leaders of the regime occupying Jerusalem speak of an attack on Iran, immediately the leaders in the White House object to it and say we will not support a military attack on Iran”.

This statement is clearly Jafari’s attempt to moderate his alarmist comments last week in which said “we must all prepare for war”.

Jafari also exhorted the authorities to ensure the “complete remedy of economic threats and make more effort so that the people aren’t embroiled in difficulties”.

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Ahmadinejad Foe Replies to Critics

Former President Rafsanjani at the 12 meeting of the Assembly of Experts

Former President Rafsanjani at the 12 meeting of the Assembly of Experts

The Reformist daily Etemaad and Khabar Online report on the speech of Mostafa Pourmohammadi at the 13th meeting of the Union of Independent Student Societies throughout the country. Pourmohammadi was forced to resign from his position as minister of the interior by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and has since been appointed national chief of the Organization for the Inspectorate. Since the former interior minister’s break with Ahmadinejad, Pourmohammadi has been among the president’s most vociferous detractors, and recently addressed a letter to the Supreme Leader alongside other disgruntled ex-ministers, calling for the president’s executive powers to be transferred to a council. In the course of his speech, Pourmohammadi replied to his critics, many of whom are in government, and accuse Pourmohammadi of acting out of revenge against his former boss. “Those who clash with me and believe that I’m acting politically don’t want the country to have a desirable political atmosphere. They blunt the work of [government] supervision, because unlike my reports they are operating politically.” Continue reading