“Insulting” caricature might result in closure of Reformist daily Sharq


120 MPs have protested a caricature in the Reformist daily Sharq deeming it insulting to the “warriors of Islam”, in this instance, the men who fought in the Iran-Iraq war.

It has been speculated by Digarban, a website outside Iran which follows the Conservative media, that the caricature is being used as a pretext to close the newspaper. In the caricature Iranian soldiers are depicted as blindfolded and “blindly” following one another in succession to the war front. Irrespective of whether the caricature is being used cynically by Iranian MPs in order to close down Sharq, the so-called “sacred defence” as it is referred to in official literature remains an extremely sensitive subject in Iran and has been transformed into the IRGC’s chief source ideological legitimacy.

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