Hard-line Iran website publishes names of fighters killed in Syria


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Hard-line Iranian University Students News (IUSN) published the names of 15 Iranians killed who had volunteered to go to Syria.

While Iranian officials and commanders have admitted to having sent “advisers” into Syria to assist the Syrian government in its fight against the opposition, that Iran has active fighters is addressed only when the hard-line media mention that a fighter has been killed in Syria “defending the Shrine of Zeinab,” which is the official line on those who die in Syria. Continue reading

Iran’s Quds Force: We Will Support Syria to the End

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The head of Iran’s Quds Force, which is in charge of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp’s operations outside of Iran’s borders, reportedly spoke yesterday about Syria at a meeting of the Assembly of Experts.

According to an assembly member who was present at the meeting, Major General Ghassem Soleimani said that “Some criticize why we support Syria so much. To them, we have to answer that we do not pay attention to the propaganda of the enemy, because Syria is the frontline of resistance and this reality is undeniable. We have a duty to defend Muslims because they are under pressure and oppression.”

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