Website identifies 7 Revolutionary Guard commanders among freed captives in Syria


The foreign-based Persian language site, Digarban, claims to have identified seven of the Iranians who were held captive in Syria as Revolutionary Guard commanders.

It is also claimed that 2,000 imprisoned Syrians who oppose Bashar al-Assad’s government were released in return.

“Abedin Khorram, the guard commander of Urumieh, and Mohammad Taqi Safari, the guard commander of Bushehr, are two members of the provincial [Revolutionary] Guards who accompanied the 46 other persons. Three days ago, they were freed and returned to Iran.

“Karim Hossein Khani, the previous representative of the Guardian Jurist [i.e. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei] in the Guards of Urumieh, is another freed member who returned from Syria in this group.

“The site of the Urumieh Guards and some other local sites on Friday, without pointing out the first names of these clerics and Guard commanders, gave news of their return to this city and participation in Friday Prayers.

“From Western Azerbaijan province, 14 people were from this group who Thursday evening entered Urumieh.

“Mohammad Taqi Safari, commander of the Guards of Bushehr, another one of the commanders of the Guards; news agencies announced he had returned to Bushehr  without reference to his position.

“The governor of Bushehr as the highest executive office in the province was present at the airport for the welcoming ceremony of this authority in the Guards.

“The local Jahrom News also announced the complete identity of the freed Guard, ‘Ali Javadian.’

“Mr. Javadian who is stated by Jahrom to be the chief medic of the 33rd ‘Al-Mahdi’ special brigade.

“ISNA and one local site also announced the identity of another three people, Adibi, Elahi and Hemmati, who are said to be members of the Revolutionary Guards.

“In some reports, Sadegh Adibi is stated by Jahrom as a commander and support for the 33 ‘Al-Mahdi’ special brigade.

“The same reports mention Mohammad Elahi and Amrollah Hemmati as the commander of intelligence operations of the ‘Al-Mahdi’ special forces and the deputy chief for human resources.

“From Fars province, seven individuals in this group were present. Information for the identity of another three individuals is not available.

“The authorities of the Islamic Republic have refrained from announcing the names of these 48 individuals, of which only some are retired [Revolutionary] Guards.”

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Defense Minister Claims American Drone Was in Iranian Airspace

All the major Iranian news agencies have reported the comments of Iranian Defense Minister, Commander Ahmad Vahidi, in reaction to the US drone allegedly shot down by Iranian forces over international waters.

Vahidi is quoted by Fars News explicitly rejecting the claim that the US drone was in international waters: “A week ago an unrecognized drone entered the Islamic Republic of Iran’s airspace in the Persian Gulf and through the timely, intelligent and decisive action of the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran it was forced to flee. … This, as well as previous experience indicates that the Islamic Republic of Iran through necessary vigilance, precisely observes all the necessary motions and with effective strength will take decisive and timely actions.”

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Supreme Leader’s Representative to the Revolutionary Guards’ Interview with Reformist daily

Ali Saedi, the Supreme Leader’s representative in the Revolutionary Guards, in an exclusive interview with the Reformist daily Etemaad has said of the President, “we didn’t have occult foreknowledge to know what is going through the mind of Mr. Ahmadinejad and in the future what he will want to do ”. The interview is fairly long, but several key comments are highlighted.

“Incidentally, I told Ahmadinejad his problem to his face. I told him you could have become an historic hero of the nation of Iran, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. It doesn’t get any worse than you turning all the people who were your supporters into your opponents”.

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Reactions to NAM inside Iran

Sadegh Zibakalam, a prominent political commentator and professor of Political Science at the University of Tehran has written an op-ed piece on the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit in Tabnak, a website known to be close to Expediency Council Secretary, Mohsen Rezaei. The article was entitled, “Anti-Americanism and the Non-Aligned Movement”. After conceding that Iran “with much impressiveness and power expressed its existence”, he asks “with view to the fact that fundamentally…the reason for the Non-Aligned Movement’s coming into existence, was the bipolarity of the world order, and as this order and the Cold War, has not existed for more than two decades, what function and role can NAM have, and fundamentally is there a reason for its existence?”

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