Conservative Iran MP indicted for criticizing 2009 election arrests


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Conservative and outspoken Iranian MP Ali Motahhari criticized the head of the judiciary for indicting him after he questioned the independence of the judiciary for the harsh sentences that many political activists received for the 2009 election protests.

While the indictment of Motahhari appears to be mostly symbolic at the moment, since MPs have immunity unless they violate the constitution, the judiciary’s actions and statements made by hard-liners in regard to the 2009 protests reveal still deep divide at the upper echelon of the Islamic Republic of Iran over the 2009 contested election and those who are still imprisoned for challenging the results. Continue reading

Iran Summons Saudi Chargé d’Affaires Over Spy Allegations


The Iranian Foreign Ministry has summoned the Saudi chargé d’affaires in Tehran over the arrest of 18 individuals accused of spying for Iran.

On Tuesday, Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry announced that the arrest of 18 individuals who they claim has links to “Iranian intelligence services.” Of those arrested, 16 were Saudi, one was Iranian and one was Lebanese. Shiite leaders in Saudi Arabia criticized the arrests as being politically motivated and sectarian.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry called the accusations by the Saudi interior minister “baseless” and meant for media consumption. Iran has sought “official explanations” in these accusations.

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Member of Islamic Coalition Party: “If Ahmadinejad is deposed, a problem will not occur for the regime”

Hamid Reza Taraghi, a prominent member of the Islamic Coalition Party, in an interview  with Asr-e Iran, has said that while the regime “in the next couple of months has the capacity to tolerate Ahmadinejad, if Ahmadinejad is to be deposed, a problem will not occur for the regime.”

Taraghi went on: “In the end efforts will be made to see this government reaches its culmination, but if it doesn’t, we are not very worried that a problem will occur in the country. Naturally, if someone is after disrupting the conditions of the country, he is playing a role in the enemy’s puzzle and the regime can solve these kinds of issues.”

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