Former senior diplomat and presidential advisor: China & Russia’s entry into the nuclear negotiations was not to our benefit


sadeq kharazi

Sadeq Kharazi, Iran’s former ambassador to France and the United Nations, who is both close to former President Mohammad Khatami and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and brother to former Foreign Minister Kamal Kharazi, has claimed that “China and Russia’s entry into the nuclear negotiations was not to Iran’s benefit”.

In an interview with the Iranian Student News Agency published Friday 1 March, Kharazi stressed that he was against the addition of China and Russia from the outset.

He claimed he had held the view that “the entry of putatively friendly countries like China and Russia, not only will not be to our benefit, but will turn Iran into a means for bargaining between Russia and China with the West…and will result in the reduction of Iran’s deterrent power”.

He continued, “the time we had discussions with America…they apologised for the coup against the legal government of the late Dr. [Mohammad] Mosaddegh and sought absolution for their imperialist behaviour and released Iran’s money. Today it has reached a point where the gentlemen put forward negotiations to pre-empt a military attack. This is a real decline”.

Kharazi also rebutted the prospect of adding Turkey and Saudi Arabia to the current P5+1 group, saying that neither of these countries has sufficient “capacity” for the task.

Regarding the recent negotiations in Kazakhstan he stated Iran “must not pursue a superior position” but rather “we must pursue a win-win game”.

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Iran Envoy Lauds Obama, Says Tehran Won’t Bargain Until Ahmadinejad Exits

Mohammad Sadeq Kharazi, who served twice as Iran’s deputy foreign minister and as its ambassador to Paris and the UN, and who is also known to be close to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, has discounted the prospect of negotiations with the United States until after the June 2013 presidential election, when President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad leaves office. Kharazi was also reported to have been highly involved in Iran’s so-called offer of a “grand bargain” to the United States via the Swiss embassy in 2003, which was dismissed by the administration of George W. Bush.

Kharazi made his comments at the 19th meeting of “Iranian Diplomacy.”
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