Former Interior Minister Lays Out Future Strategy of the Reform Movement


Former Reformist Interior Minister, Hojjat al-Islam Abdollah Nuri, in a meeting at his home with students from Eastern Azerbaijan, has said that “we must not wait for a miraculous event to change the atmosphere”. Numerous other Reformist-inclined activists were present at the meeting and asked questions surrounding the future of the Reformist movement and the best course of action and strategy for the future.

The Reformist daily Etemaad quotes Nuri as saying, “today for the creation of dynamic and effective relations between the Reformists and the general public, particularly with the deprived classes, their various issues and hardships must have priority over the special concerns of political activists, and more or less a comparable priority alongside these concerns. [This is] because the most basic concern and preoccupation of the Reformist movement is the destiny of the country and the people. Political and student Reformist activists across the country with the creation of a kind of camaraderie and accompaniment of the people can point out the roots of the economic problems, deprivations and backwardness.  The causes of the economic hardships and livelihood of the people must be clearly explained for society. Excessive emphasis regarding concerns it’s possible are not the first priority of the people causes us to be oblivious to the basic problems of the people and society. Our problems in truth are only a part of the difficulties of the whole of society and perhaps we don’t correctly perceive the depth of the problems and economic crises, because we were less amongst that segment of society and those individuals who were afflicted by these issues. This of course doesn’t mean that we must dilute our own concerns. Perhaps the objective is to make the public concerns of society a priority”.

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Ahmadinejad stands accused of hypocrisy

Baztab-e Emruz, an unremitting critic of President Ahmadinejad, compares his publication of Judiciary Chief Sadeq Larijani’s ‘confidential’ letter in which he deemed the President’s request to visit Evin prison “inappropriate”, to the nineties publication of the Islamic Left’s newspaper Salaam [i.e. those who would emerge as Reformists and President Mohammad Khatami’s most vociferous defenders] and its publication of a ‘confidential’, but also notorious memo by the infamous Deputy Intelligence Minister, Saeed Emami.

In his letter Emami, who is alleged to have been directly involved in the murder of several prominent Iranians intellectuals and journalists, urged changes in the country’s press laws and a crackdown against the Iranian media during the tenure of Reformist President Mohammad Khatami. The law was under consideration in the 5th Majles and many at the time suspected that its provenance resided in the security services. With the publication of Salaam’s letter the law’s true source was revealed.

Salaam was closed as a result of publishing Emami’s letter, an act protested by widespread student demonstrations which were in turn brutally repressed by the security services and have come to be known as the events of 18th Tir. At the time the prominent Revolutionary Guards wrote a letter to then President Khatami stating that if he was unable to bring the situation under control, they would be forced to step in.

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